Imagine in a perfect world everyone valued one another. There was true brotherhood. Kindness, helpful, supportive of one another. No one would ever think of needing a gun, let alone the thought of shooting someone. Such a world would have no use for weapons. To use against who? Why? There wouldn’t be the brain frustrations and short circuiting this society has. Only a vision like Santa: All is peaceful. Our lives are good and safe, We give. We love and we grow up. We are 8 – 10 yrs. old. and truth becomes apparent. We are let down, and we start to doubt. And reality seeps into our lives at our reluctance. When we are young, we have a few years of peace and fantasy. We think the world is capable of brotherhood, caring, and love. Why are we implanted with this vision all to have it tore down, simply by turning on TV, seeing deadly reports, Breeding more mistrust?

Today’s kids have even less a window of fantasy to peer through. By the time they are 5 its gun and death exposure full force. These kids will be assimilated without the adage of 5 more developmental years. 10 year olds handle situations differently than 5 year olds will. The assimilated 5-year-old is more apt to grow up in a defensive hateful world full of weapons easier than a 10-year-old. Ask a 10-year-old something and they have opinions. Ask a 5-year-old something and they could be swayed to think any way.

Which brings us to the meat.

No one is advocating taking guns away from citizens. No one is taking on the 2nd amendment. Even though some read it in various ways, I read it as: We can have a well armed militia; LOCAL POLICE DEPT.(as we know them.(they didn’t when 2nd amend. was written)) In each local, (town). Our right is to care and protect our local (town) in total agreement with the local Militia(police dept.)And we do. The intention is clear We the people individually have the right to personally bear arms ALSO, in collaboration with the local militia in the event of attack against our American rights from terrorist or the government itself. (So far so good) (When that was written remember the British Gov. was attacking our rights). Citizens and Militia in unison Protect! What a great concept. Still! around 200 years later, No American Gov. has attacked its own people.

Until now according to Some racially based, fake threats, by Minority extreme right-wing groups.: Our gov. is out to get us and take away our rights. Hence we need to arm up even more. Arm up the young. Prepare to die for your gun rights that aren’t in danger. Forget about Santa. Heres your gun! You’ll need it against this particular Government, the 1st in history, to break the trend, and attack you.

SAD, Pathetic,Lunacy

And this is all to satisfy the Ego of the gun Lobbyists, who can’t stand the fact that this hasn’t ever happened in our history, and it probably wont in their life times. Their Egos can’t stand it, They now, are more important than past or future generations hence: They have generated  all this hatred. All for What? To sell more weapons of death and destruction. Why? Safety? Defence? From who? Or what? This is  about almighty PROFIT people.  And the only industry who has unregulated PROFIT. GUNS!.. They don’t care if you die, or your kids. As long as they can sell in an unregulated environment.

PROPOSAL    From 90% of Americans

*Background check in every state, every gun purchase.

*National Data base established

*So called “Gun Shows” will cease any weapon sales. Weapon purchases shall be at registered weapon outlets only.

*Upon purchasing a weapon of your choice , That individual weapon shall be Registered, licensed, and insured, to purchaser,    whom completed BG check successfully.

*Registration, licensing, and Insuring Fees will be annual.

CONGRATULATIONS! You now own a weapon as you would a Car, House, and many other items you buy and register to a database for one reason or another. Whats the problem with this, if you love weapons, and if you don’t have any ill intentions?

THE FUTURE read on

Ever evolving self-defence weapons, the newest weapons, will be the next,  new generation leaving current weapons on the collectors shelves converted to antiques. making them all the more valuable to the true collectors. And true collectors will cherish their guns even more.

All new guns will Have Electronic Finger-Print triggering technology. All Ammo purchased will be tagged digitally to the weapon. So now when the “Mentally Ill” get your gun by accident, they can’t shoot it or hurt anybody. Only one signature per gun. Your child can’t fire it either if they get their hands on it. Less tragedy. Murder rates and accidents will drop significantly. Bad guys that try to alter guns electronic system will do nothing more than leave a trail, both from the gun and the ID’d ammo, right back to the legal owner. Bad guys wont be getting guns anymore, because good(bad)guys, wont want to risk to sell Illegally to bad(bad) guys. This gangs and guns stuff will dry up! Murder rates will drop!

The down side? The cost. You want a gun its gonna cost you. Example: a typical $250.00 gun now will run around $1k. The price of ammo should easily double. Plus the cost of registration, license, and insurance. You gotta really want to have this gun. But for the true gun lovers. If you want the latest in technology and digital slickness for all of your gun-loving activities, and self-protection. Why wouldn’t you want the newest, most modern, hippest weapons ever made possible to citizens? Why would you be against Registration, license, and insurance anymore than you would be for your car or refrigerator, if you have no rotten or illegal dastardly plan?

We need that National Data-Base Now. It’s for our safety. If you can have guns, why would you not want to have them safely? Good logical, fair-minded, gun owning persons would not and are not, against safety for all.

Illogical minds with a hidden agenda of misery and profit, seem to be the ones against gun regulation and safety. As it truly is not the 90% law-abiding citizens fighting against gun evolution and safety for all.

Have weapons if you want. Lets promote having them safely, and save innocent lives from accidents. How could anyone be against that?


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